Born in 1982 in Vienna/Austria, Joerg grew up in the Middle of Nowhere (outside of Vienna). At school he „scared“ his classmates with that old Music called „blues“. At the age of 16 his father took him out to a Blues Club called „Bluesman“ in Vienna where he saw a show with Peter Kern and Sigi Fassl. That impression had a long lasting impact.

Three years later he decided to found a Band. Also 3 years later the band splitts and Jörg went back to Vienna. After joinin’ thousands of Jamsessions he met Gerhard Beisteiner (Double Bass) and so they built up a new Blues Band: The Vienna Blues Association.

At the same time he started hosting his own Blues Jamsession in Vienna.


Edi Fenzl was born 1976 in Austria – Vienna. He grew up in a musical Family with lots of Blues and Jazz being heard at his home. At the age of 12 his father, who played Guitar in Country and Jazz Bands, took Edi out to the Cinema to watch the „Blues Brothers“. About 2 years later, a freaky music teacher played the video of Jimi Hendrix live at Woodstock in the classroom. At this time a friend sold his cheap, used Fender Stratocaster-Copy to Edi.

That made the direction of the confused 14 year old boy clear.

After years of jamming and playing and spending all the money to Vinyl Edi made his way up to a self thought Bluesmusican.

In 1995 his Power Bluesrock (Hippiewestern) Trio „Fenzl Experience“ was born. The Band was Influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughan and many more.



The first time they met was direct on stage at Hermann Posch’s 50th Birthday party 2011 without talking to each other before. Just two years later they met again jamming at the regular Jam Session hosted by Hannes Kasehs.

The result is the
Edi Fenzl & Jörg Danielsen DUO